Our Mission and Values

C • L • C is a community-focused social entrepreneurship company. We actively perform plastic and trash removal from the shores of the Great Lakes.

We are NOT a charity. 

Social entrepreneurship centers around the idea that businesses that achieve financial sustainability will outlast and outperform charities and have a greater impact than bureaucracy-laden governments. 

We don't ask for handouts, we ask you to join a community of advocates that demand more from the companies they choose to purchase from. 

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. We want to end pollution in our Great Lakes, starting with plastic
  2. Service and employ a community of people who care about our waters
  3. Raise awareness about the value and importance of the Great Lakes 

We also think we can have a great time doing so. We are a company built on the values of kindness, humor, and friendship. 

Social entrepreneurship also means we have a triple bottom line :  

  1. Social - creating employment for people and communities that don't normally have good opportunities. 
  2. Environmental - cleaning plastic waste from the lakes. 
  3. Financial - generating enough income to do this as a business and sustainably grow our social and environmental impact. 

We won't stop with just plastic. Invasive species. Chemical and metal pollution. Shoreline restoration. All of these are in our crosshairs. But for now, we are focused on making a difference on an issue for which we think we can make a real impact, together with your help and support. 

Shop now and together, we can X Out plastic in the Great Lakes.