Made in The Hammer

Here in Steeltown, we've been called everything, from the "The Armpit of Canada", to "The Mistake on the Lake." 

So why start and try to make it here?

The question isn't why you'd make your stuff in cities like Hamilton, it's why you'd want to see these jobs go anywhere else. 

The C • L • C is hell-bent on bringing packaging, manufacturing, and retail jobs back to Great Lake cities like "The Hammer". From the world's best steel to timeless automobiles, we people of the Great Lakes know how to build our goods and build them to be the best.

Of all the things we plan to make and shorelines we plan to clean, creating jobs in economically challenged areas of cities in the Great Lakes might just be the thing we're most proud of.

We've been asked the following:

  • Why not accept that these jobs are gone from our communities?
  • Why not let the trash, rust, and weeds finish what they started in these communities?
  • Why not just embrace the era of disposability?

Our answer? Because I don't think any Great Lakes city or neighborhood ever failed for being too good.

C • L • C is joining other startups in reinvigoration of storied Great Lakes cities.

Because we believe in: 

  • The beauty of our cities.
  • The glory of a clean environment.
  • The people of our communities. 

Hamilton and its industry were once one of the biggest polluters of Lake Ontario. Imagine it becoming the hub of the cleanup?

We know there’s not just history in places like Hamilton, there is a future. It’s why we have committed to be here. Making an investment in its amazing people. 

And we can't wait for you to join us.