What We Mean by X Out Plastic

"X Out Plastic" -  Its what we do because of your purchase.

We think "X Out" and just the letter "X" is a fun, economical and simple way to describe the variety of high impact ways we are actively removing plastic and trash from the water and off of the shores of the Great Lakes. 

We deliver on our pledge to clean up the shores and water for 1000 sq feet for every item we sell by:

  • supporting volunteers with equipment and supplies needed to perform clean ups
  • paying staff and contractors to walk the shoreline and put garbage they pick up, from the water and shoreline, in the trash where it belongs
  • supporting businesses, charities and communities with the resources they need to perform beach and shoreline cleanups
  • hiring trash cleaning boats to remove floating waist for areas where plastic accumulates like marinas and harbors 

and we aim to deliver this within one year of your purchase. 

We then document the activities with blog posts and photos so there is accountability on part of us to our customers for the impact they are creating. 

All of this will then be audited by a third party to make sure we deliver on our pledge and your impact is verified. The results of the audit will be released annually. 

For now, the plastic gets sent to recycling whenever possible, however, once we get to scale, we have plans to make products from the plastics we recover. 

But none of this is possible without your support... so... are you in or are you in!?