The Greatest Lakes

"Current research on Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie proposes that plastic concentrations observed exceed data collected in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch." -  Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

The Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem is the largest body of freshwater in the world.

It is home for and provides drinking water to a staggering 40 million people, including 25 percent of Canadians and 10 percent of Americans.

  • 40% of Canada's economic activity takes place in Ontario’s Great Lakes Basin
  • 4,000 species of plants, fish and wildlife live it the Great Lakes Basin
  • 80% of Ontarians get their drinking water from lakes Superior, Huron, Erie, and Ontario.

In a world where water shortages and drought have become massive problems, they contain 20% of the world fresh water at 6 quadrillion gallons. The square mileage is larger than the state of Texas.

They are home to countless endangered and threatened species. 

Water-related outdoor recreational activities on lakes bring $15 billion annually to the local economies, of which sport fishing activities contribute $4 billion.

Put simply, these lakes are one of the most valuable natural resources on the planet. 

And yet, they are under assault from over 22 Million pounds of plastic waste that enters the Great Lakes each year.

The concentrations are so alarming, plastic is now detectable in our drinking water and food products made from water, like beer. 

To further confound this problem:

  • Governments do not have the money or desire to tackle the problem. They rely on community cleanups to do the bulk of the work. 
  • Charities and community cleanups are underfunded and struggle to raise the awareness or donations needed to do the work effectively.

There is now awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans, but our Great Lakes are being destroyed by plastics - and almost no one knows about it.

Our dream is to empower our communities to become true custodians of the Great Lakes.  We are working our buts off to offer our community of customers 

  • Environmentally and socially responsible fashion and products that look awesome and raise awareness about pollution in our Great Lakes

  • REAL IMPACT on the plastic problem in our Great Lakes through actively cleaning up the shorelines and waters.

We are not the only company or organization doing this type of work, but our plan is to do It better, more effectively, and with more integrity than any of our competitors.